How To Buy PYE

A complete guide from creating a wallet to buying your first PYE token.
PYE Token exists on both the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum Network (ETH). The only major difference between the two tokens other than the blockchains they reside (BEP-20 vs ERC-20) is BSC is PYE's legacy.

1. Create a Wallet

Download Metamask and create a crypto wallet. Wallets are available both on desktop computers and on smartphone devices. You'll need to choose the wallet that fits your needs best.
Use Anywhere
Easy To Use
More Secure
Accessibility Friendly
Damage/Loss/Theft Resistant
Outage Resistant

When you're setting up a wallet, be sure to:

  • Download and install only the latest version from an official source.
  • Follow the setup guide carefully.
  • Safely back up your recovery phrases.
  • NEVER share your recovery phrases with anyone, under any circumstances.
  • NEVER input your recovery phrase to a website or app, other than your wallet app
If you use Metamask and wish to buy BSC PYE, you'll have to first connect the wallet to the Binance Smart Chain.

2. Buy BNB / ETH

In order to buy BSC PYE (BEP-20) you'll first need some BNB in your wallet. Similarly, if you choose to buy ETH PYE (ERC-20), you'll need ETH.
If you're using Metamask, select the BNB (or ETH) asset from the wallet's home screen and click the "Buy" button to purchase it through Transk.
Alternately, you can purchase BNB (or ETH) through MoonPay. We urge you to verify the (receiving) wallet address before confirming the transaction! **This step may require KYC verification, so have documents ready to prove your identity.
Buying BNB through Metamask.
You can also go convert your tokens to BEP-20 via:
🌉 Binance Bridge
SafePal - No registration is required, nor do you need an account. Execute cross-chain swaps directly from your wallet. - You can withdraw tokens as BEP20 via your Binance account (if you have one). Bear in mind you need an account to do so.
Binance Bridge - No registration is required, nor do you need an account.

3. Swap BNB / ETH for PYE

Once the BNB / ETH is in your wallet, open the dApp browser inside your wallet. For our example, we will use PYESwap to buy PYE.
  1. 1.
    Inside the dApp browser, use the search bar to go to If you wish to purchase ETH PYE, use the search bar to go to
  2. 2.
    Connect your wallet via "Connect Wallet" located at the top left of PYESwap and click "Trade".
  3. 3.
    Set up the swap by entering how much BNB / ETH you wish to swap for PYE. Remember to leave some BNB / ETH in your wallet in order to cover the gas fees required by the Binance network.
  4. 4.
    Now that you've set up the trade in order to swap for PYE, you'll need to manually edit the slippage, otherwise, the swapping will fail. Click the Settings icon on the top left side of the trading window.
  5. 5.
    In the slippage menu, manually type anything upwards of 10%, like in the example image, and then close the menu window to return to the trading window.
  6. 6.
    You're now free to trade and when ready, hit the "Swap" button.

4. Add PYE Token to the Wallet

Adding PYE Token to your wallet will allow you to track your holdings. Click the "Add Token" or "Import Tokens" button on the home screen of Metamask wallet and add PYE (BEP-20 or ERC-20, depending on the chain you wish to purchase PYE Token on).
If you are unable to find PYE within the list of available tokens in your wallet, you can add it manually as a custom token using the info displayed in the following table:
Contract Address
Add Token to Metamask (Desktop)
Add Token to Metamask (Mobile)