How to Connect Trust Wallet

his setup is required only if you want to make any transactions with the Trust Wallet.

Step 1: Download Trust Wallet App

You must first install your Trust Wallet before connecting it to the BSC network. Installing the app on your phone can take a very short time. First, go to the Trust Wallet website and click the link corresponding to your mobile device. After selecting the appropriate Operating System for your device, the installation process will begin.

Step 2: Open Your Trust Wallet Wallet

Run the software when it has been installed. Then, choose “Create a New Wallet” and agree to the terms of service.

Step 3: The Seed Phrase

You will be given a seed phrase. The seed phrase is a twelve-word backup phrase that recovers all the assets in your wallet. It is used as a password for retrieving your wallet if you lose your phone or the wallet itself.

Step 4: Keeping your Seed Phrase Safe

Keep the seed phrase in a safe and secure area. Put it in the correct order, then select Continue.

Step 5: Enter the Seed Phrase

Enter the seed phrase once more in the correct sequence. Trust Wallet designed this technique to guarantee users kept their seed phrases in the proper series.

Step 6: Validate your Recovery Phrase

Once you’ve validated your recovery phrase, tap Continue.

Step 7: How to Connect to Binance Smart Chain

Select the toggle button located in the right- corner of your opened tab.

Step 8: Search for "Smart Chain"

BEP-20 and BNB will now be visible in your wallet allowing your to send/receive tokens.