Information regarding retired PYE Ecosystem Reward Token, $APPLEPYE

General Information

$APPLEPYE was the reward token of the PYE Ecosystem, able to be earned by staking PYE tokens or swapping on The community voted for this token to be merged with the core PYE token. The community approved this proposal on 12/13/2022.
This page is meant to help users who still hold $APPLEPYE merge and transition their tokens to stay current with the PYE Ecosystem.

Future of Apple and Peach Proposal

This proposal was put forward by DevTeamSix to reset our tokenomics and to counteract inflation that has been affecting the Apple token. Under the proposal, holders of Apple are entitled to $1.30 in PYE for every $1.00 of Apple held on both Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum. The PYE Tokens allocated for this conversion were sourced from the Developer and Leadership team at DevTeamSix. As a result there were no changes to the PYE Token Supply.
This proposal and relevant snapshot can be found on

Transition to PYE

Holders of $APPLEPYE on Binance Smart Chain can migrate their tokens on
Holders of $APPLEPYE on Ethereum can migrate their tokens on