Is APPLEPYE a deflationary or inflationary token?

APPLEPYE is an inflationary token, meaning it does not have a fixed supply and APPLEPYE will continuously be minted in the ecosystem with deflationary utility.


APPLEPYE has a total Buy Tax of 0%
The total Sell Tax of 12% is broken down as follows:
  • 10% BuyBack & Burn
  • 2% Development Team for development expenses of building platforms and marketing campaigns.
APPLEPYE token has 0% Transfer Tax

APPLEPYE Deflationary Mechanics

Manual Burns

This allows for proactive, strategic mitigation of possible costs to the project as it develops. As we achieve initiatives on our roadmap, the project will be able to process burns, and holders will be the benefactors as they will see their percentage of PYE go up automatically. All burns are transparent and are available for all to see, and we will announce our strategy as we continue to develop at each phase of PYE.

Auto Buy Back & Burn

To stimulate the price of APPLEPYE, it buys APPLE Tokens on the market with BNB or ETH collected from transaction fees and then burns them. This function is automated via smart contract which means developers do not have access to the funds inside of the Buy Back.

How does Auto Buy-Back actually work?

10% of APPLEPYE's tax is collected from each sell transaction. When the contract collects a certain amount of BNB or ETH, it buys APPLEPYE Tokens on the market and then burns them.
APPLEPYE is an inflationary token will burn FOREVER, due Auto Buy-Back system will work FOREVER too.
If you see repeated transactions coming from the Sells — this is work of Auto Buyback.

As well as above, APPLEPYE Tokens will also be burned via:

  • 100% of APPLEPYE used to mint NFTs on PYESwap's NFT Marketplace
  • 100% of APPLEPYE spent on Lottery tickets and CoinFlips
  • Bridging and exchanging to receive $TOPIA Tokens

Emission Rate

APPLEPYE Tokens mint daily at 1,013,760 APPLE per day.
35.2 APPLEPYE is minted per block
  • 30 APPLE Per Block to Pools
  • 2 APPLE Per Block to Farms
  • 3.2 APPLE Per Block to Manual Burns