Transition to PYE

Relevant information for users to transition all of their tokens to stay current with the PYE Ecosystem.

CreamPYE to PYE Migration

Post-Exploit Migration

Core 4 Ecosystem Merge

This merge was voted upon by the communities on
​Ecosystem Proposal​
​ ​

ETH Claims/Airdrops

Users can verify to see if they were airdropped MoonForce (ETH) allocations by manually adding this contract address to their wallet provider: 0x82ce8A98Bf1c5daBe24620220dd4bc5da0ba291d
Users can claim their allocated ETH PYE on​
Once claimed, users must merge their ETH PYE and MoonForce via dApp to the new ETH PYE (with updated supply to fall in line with BSC PYE).

Reward Token Merge

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Users can transition their tokens using the below links: