How to Trade

Please note, as of December 23rd, 2022, trading has been halted on the PYE and Cherry Tokens on both Binance Smart Chain and the Ethereum network. Trading will resume on those tokens upon completion of the decentralized order book exchange, expected by Q1/2 2023.


PYESwap lets users trade without the need to go through a Centralized Exchange. Everything you do on PYESwap is routed directly through your own wallet allowing you to be the custodian of your own tokens.
1) Using the PYESwap menu, select Trade → Exchange.
2) Under the Swap, tap the top dropdown option to select the token in your wallet that you would like to exchange.
3) Tap the second dropdown option and select the token you would like to receive.
NOTE: If you cannot find the tokens you would like to exchange in the dropdown options, you can manually enter the contract address of the desired token. When adding the token using a contract address read the warning message carefully.
Our Tokens as an Example:
4) Enter the amount of either the token you would like to exchange, or the token you would like to receive. The AMM will automatically calculate the estimated amount of the other token, based on the current exchange rate.
5) Once everything looks satisfactory, tap Exchange.
NOTE: Pay attention to the Price Impact warning when swapping (see below).
6) You will then be prompted by your wallet app to approve the transaction and the associated transaction fee (paid with Binance Smart Chain BNB).
7) Once approved, the transaction will be sent to the network for processing. Though this usually takes only about a minute, when the network is in high demand, transactions can take much longer. When complete, the tokens will be removed from your wallet and replaced with the ones you exchanged them for.