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Swap 2.0 Contract Upgrade Intro

Typical Automated Market Makers (AMM’s) and Exchanges sell project tokens to collect requisite fees and taxes for every transaction. As a result, each swap incurs negative sell pressure, subsequently hampering the project’s momentum over time. PYESwap, the only Swap 2.0 compatible exchange, and Swap 2.0 smart contracts eliminate this significant drawback by instead collecting taxes and fees in the trading pairs base coin or token, such as BNB, ETH, BUSD, or USDC. By mitigating unnecessary sells in each transaction, Swap 2.0 technology directly promotes authentic markets and project longevity. There are two ways to incorporate Swap 2.0 capability in your token smart contract:
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    Utilize PYELab’s Token Creator feature to generate a Swap 2.0 compatible token contract quickly and easily - no programming required. Select from a pre-defined list of contracts with optional tokenomics such as automatic buybacks and liquidity contributions to mitigate sell pressure.
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    Manually add the following necessary logic to your token contract:

Existing Smart Contract Upgrade Process

If you already have token smart contract that you would like to build off of and make Swap 2.0 compatible, there are two primary sections that must be added to your token contract’s code:
  • Router/Pair Info
  • Fee Structuring
Router and Pair Setup
Fee Structure
Full Sample Contract
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Swap 2.0 Contract Upgrade Intro
Existing Smart Contract Upgrade Process